Evatro offers the best e-commerce solutions of the market which work securely on a cloud based architecture. It has been used by many clients from a variety of different industries. It combines the delivery and payment processes together and provides centralized management of products, campaigns and bonus configurations. It also provides catalog management based on products or suppliers. It runs fully integrated with external systems such as accounting applictaions or call centers; supports new modules for integration. Features include:

  • Multiple Channel Management Configurations for different order and payment channels are provided including Mobie and Call Center Scenarios.
  • Campaign Management: A wide variety of campaign/promotion scenarios could be defined easily.
  • Retailer/Supplier User Interface: Retailer and supliers can both log in the same system, generate catalog and campaign data, keep track of their order and payments.
  • External Systems: Full integration with the external systems like call centers, accounting applications or banking systems are supported. Full functionality for E-Commerce and M-Commerce processes is also provided.
  • Expandability: Application has a cloud-based architecture and is completely open for new modules, functions and integrations to be developed.
  • m-Commerce: Our Omni channel customer experience guaranteed mCommerce platform across native iOS and Android provides speed, reliability and flexibility.


Evatro offers a Marketplace solution that third-party sellers gain access to the company’s customer base, and expands the offerings on its site without having to invest in additional inventory. In general, because of marketplaces aggregate products from a wide array of providers, selection is usually more wide, availability is higher, and prices are more competitive than in vendor-specific online retail stores.With Evatro’s marketplace solution, customers gain access to additional offerings, increased competition, and the ability to purchase from third-party sellers.


Evatro’s B2B Dealer Suite is dedicated to help you do your job in a more systematic way and save you time and energy. It covers every step of purchasing starting with pre-sales activities such as finding the wanted product, till the after-sales warranty processes.

Take control of your procurement processes with Evatro’s B2B Procurement Portal. Our Procurement Portal gives you the ability to organize all fixture and material requirements via a single application. It enables the admin to organize procurement requests based on user-defined multi-criteria; evaluate and manage them fast and easy.

Evatro’s B2B Supplier Portal is designed to make procurement process management easy as never. With the feedbacks of the bests and the experience gained in long years, Evatro offers the smoothest, comprehensive solution to organize your supply chain. You will be able to perform all supplier processes from a single source; keep time and money for yourself.