Lead Management System

Evatro understands the difficulty of acting systematically while in field. Our field product is dedicated to make your job much easier. It guides your field staff every step of their job and ensure nothing is being missed. It provides high user experiences for you and your fieldstaff proven by the leading companies in their industry. It is designed to help you with a veriety of field tasks such as finding the closest service personal, handling the component orders and customer feedback processes. It will provide you to serve faster and manage your field team in a more efficient way.

Salesforce Automation

FieldPie allows your field staff to take direct sales orders from field with a few touch while they are with your customers so you can get a better understanding of what your customers actually wants. You can monitor the progress from the very first moment of order creation till its delivery and intervene whenever you want

Field Solutions

FieldPie is Evatro’s mobile CRM Suite designed for the Sales and Service Teams working on the Field. You can manage your plans and activities easily on mobile, make winning product presentations, increase sales, acquire higher customer satisfaction and create reliable OLAP based reports. Also you can build your screens without coding and save time. Utilizing powerful technology platform of FieldPie runs in the Cloud, has native and offline mode support so it’s reliable and easy. Start using FieldPie today and get ahead of the competition.

Workforce Management

FieldPie Performance Simulation will help you to analyze your salespeople’s success fast and easy. It will guide them to take right steps in order to reach their goals. Also Quota Analysis enables you to reach your sales goals in the smoothest way, by providing flexible reports and mobile dashboards that can be drilled down into a region or even a single salesperson. Managers not only can view the mobile performance dashboards but also may make them available for the related salespeople to show them how they are doing. Quota Analysis will help you to view and predict the performance of your staff and help you to shape your strategy.

Odoo CRM

Odoo gives you the tools to make better decisions through its comprehensive and fully customizable technology suite. Odoo / OpenERP is a comprehensive suite of business applications including Sales, CRM, Project management, Warehouse management, Manufacturing, Financial management, and Human Resources just to name a few. Odoo / OpenERP offers a choice of over a thousand modules. Odoo / OpenERP is available in the cloud or on-site and is most suited for small to mid-sized companies. With more than a thousand downloads/installations per day, Odoo / OpenERP is one of the most used open source solution in the world. It has a dynamic community, is flexible, and can be adapted to your needs. It can be put in production rapidly thanks to its modularity and is easy to use.