FieldBest’s field team management system for dealers enables all businesses with a wide dealer network to easily manage all sales activities related to the dealers they are responsible for in the field.

The dealer automation system, designed for the management and monitoring of dealer sales teams, ensures that regional managers work efficiently, the dealer network can be managed from a single point, and the sales efficiency is increased by reporting the data obtained during the visits.

Thanks to the sales force automation system for the dealer, which works with the mobile application and web software integrated, it is ensured that the sales teams can plan all their work in the field themselves, as well as follow the tasks and plans assigned to them by their managers via the mobile application.

Dealer sales representatives in the field can instantly access all kinds of demographic, sales, credit risk, contract, performance, and commercial information about the dealers they are responsible for, monitor all dealer-based data flow, and measure dealer representative and customer performance. In this way, sales and purchasing processes are managed effectively and efficiently.

The feedback or complaints of the dealers are recorded on the relevant forms, workflows are started so that the central units can take action regarding them, and the status of the actions taken by all relevant units regarding the feedback or complaints can be followed instantly. By monitoring dealer stocks and inventory turnover rates, customer and dealer returns are taken under control. All controls related to product/display requests of all dealers are also carried out through the system.

With the dealer automation system, which also allows effective campaign management, business optimization is achieved by increasing the regional-based dealer performances by measuring the performances separately, and by obtaining important data for accurate and effective production planning. Thus, operational and organizational costs are reduced.

Project sales requests submitted by dealers are managed with the sales module developed for the platform. Project sales processes are initiated from the field and directed to the relevant central sales teams. The application has all the functions for pricing the offers created by the sales teams and sending them to the project companies.

The workflow application, in which the business processes initiated on the platform can be managed, can be updated according to the needs of the business, or it can be adapted to work with the workflow application used by the business itself.


With this platform, dealers can access technical information of all products more easily, videos and documents promoting the product can be viewed, and products can be compared easily.

With the FieldBest In-Store Customer Acquisition Platform, businesses support new customer acquisition by showing general and consumer-specific campaigns to consumers, making product recommendations, and product offers by dealer employees. At the same time, it ensures the continuity of growth in sales volume, and it is aimed to increase the traceability of dealer employees.

Consumer-specific price offers prepared by artificial intelligence can be given. The application offers the opportunity to display general campaigns defined as valid for all consumers. It also shows the campaigns defined specifically for consumers who have previously given their personal information and GDPR consent.

It also allows the registration of new customer information that has come to the dealer on a business basis to the system and enables them to request GDPR. It has the feature of creating instant price offers for the consumers coming to the business and sharing these offers via short message or e-mail.

In order to provide more accurate and relevant product recommendations to consumers with GDPR permission, the products that customers have viewed or previously purchased through the application and the offers they have received are recorded. Thus, more accurate products are recommended to consumers, increasing the efficiency of sales and dealers.

The platform, which eliminates printing processes and the need for paper, offers businesses the opportunity to upload weekly or monthly magazines and brochures for product promotion purposes and share them with consumers. Thus, detailed technical information, documents, videos, and current prices of all products and products within the enterprise are displayed on the application with the acceleration of the digital transformation of businesses. In addition, announcements defined by the business to dealers or determined dealer groups are also sent as notifications on the application.

For the products displayed on the application, the payment options defined by the business can be displayed on a product basis, and separate payment options can be selected for each product. Dealer employees can submit their offers through the selected payment options.

Live broadcasts uploaded to the system by the business are also displayed on the application simultaneously, and viewers can share their comments during the live broadcast. How long the user logged into the application stays in the live broadcast can be recorded, and all comments shared can be reported to the businesses.

In the application, which aims to facilitate the follow-up of the employees of the businesses, various training, surveys, and tests are defined for the employees, and they are followed through the application. In addition, the products and offers that each employee has shown after logging into the application are recorded, and the performance of the employee is monitored daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly.


FieldBest Campaign Management Platform enables businesses to define special or general campaigns for their customers and to bring these campaigns together with them in online or offline sales channels.

The customer data model of the enterprises is accessed through the web-based application and the dynamic target audiences to be included in the campaigns are determined thanks to the advanced filtering features. In the next stage, these target audiences are easily matched with the campaigns defined through the application.

In addition to the campaigns that can be defined as announcements, discounts, or survey campaigns, different campaigns can be developed with the FieldBest campaign management platform according to the needs of the businesses.


In the FieldBest Dealer Credit Risk Management Platform, which aims to transfer dealer management processes of supplier companies to a digital platform, the complexity in customer risk analysis is simplified and the risks of dealers are managed intelligently.

With web-based software and an integrated employee mobile application, it offers the planning of visits to dealers, determination of user tasks, monitoring of all dealer processes, and determination of credit limits for the products that the enterprise will supply to its dealers.

It provides limit allocation within the rules to be determined on the decision support system developed by using the commercial data of all dealers. It enables the risk to be seen and managed with up-to-date risk figures and analyzes at the key decision point. It allows dealers to proactively control their credit risks. It provides a solution that can be implemented quickly and cost-effectively by optimizing credit risk measurement and credit pricing, which are complex processes.


FieldBest Dealer Communication Platform, which contributes to the increase of operational efficiency by providing uninterrupted communication between the dealers and the headquarters, speeds up the sales process by;

– reducing the costs of doing business together with the main business and its dealers,
– accelerating business process operations such as orders, shipments, sales, invoices,
– dealers and the main business can communicate more easily with each other by mail
and messaging,
– effective promotion of products,
– display of campaigns,
– to easily make news, announcements, and surveys to its dealers,
– financial advisory support.

Thus, it ensures the continuity of the growth in the sales volume, increasing the traceability of the employees and the instant integration of all data flows.

In the dealer communication platform, the information needed by the dealers can be shared within the organization and it is ensured that the employees can access this information from a single place and at the same time. With the messaging feature that allows continuous communication within the team, the communication and reporting flow between the center and the teams continue 24/7 without interruption.

The application, which can be easily used with its user-friendly interface, offers a comprehensive sales and marketing system by gathering all the needs for a wide dealer network on a single platform. It accelerates sales activities, makes product promotions much easier and faster, and provides up-to-date and impressive presentations with digital brochures/catalogs.


Easily manage your sales with FieldBest Reseller Sales Automation. The whole system works in an integrated way for you to create orders and finalize the sales process. Reseller sales representatives can access product catalogs and historical sales data, so they can quickly submit offers and create orders.


With the FieldBest artificial intelligence supported product recommendation system, it is aimed to develop the most appropriate AI model in order to find the next product or products to be recommended, taking into account the general or personal past shopping data of the customers.

In order to ensure the continuity of the growth in the sales volumes of the online and offline stores of the main businesses, it is necessary to make the right product recommendations and offers to the right customers. With the FieldBest Artificial Intelligence-based product recommendation system, the customer’s digital footprint is followed and analyzes are made to increase the customer’s loyalty to the business. Machine learning takes place in line with the “Customer Data” and “Product Sales Data” owned by the offline and online sales channels owned by the main business.

In the recommendation system platform, which is developed according to the structure of the business, the relationships between customers and products are modeled with machine learning algorithms by looking at the historical data of the business. At the same time, with the variables such as customer and product in the database of the main businesses, the process of creating homogeneous subgroups, that is, customer segmentation is performed. With the platform, which is aimed to divide the customer database into meaningful segments in the most appropriate way, it is ensured that the customer is better known and the right target audiences are reached with the right products and methods. With this process, the business learns more about groups and increases marketing performance.


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