FieldBest Field Service Management enables you to direct the right service employee to your customer with the right inventory at the right time. In this way, most of your work is completed in the first customer visit, eliminating repeated customer visits and problems that cannot be resolved for a long time. FieldBest offers suggestions to its users with strong artificial intelligence algorithms in order to provide sales team management.

Working with the priority of customer satisfaction, FieldBest allows viewing the entire relationship with the customer and obtaining information about previous visits on a single screen. Thus, it provides the opportunity to give information to customers about their problems over the phone, to provide instant service with the smart solutions that the application will suggest to you, or to plan a service appointment according to your customer’s demands.

Customer service appointments are distributed by FieldBest by making route optimization so that they are directed to the most accurate appointment. Thus, results are obtained in every visit, the workforce is used in the most efficient way, and customer satisfaction is greatly increased.

FieldBest ensures that every step of field service workers can be viewed instantly from the admin panel and their performance can be followed. With the Personnel Information Management System, the daily route and customer visits of each employee in the field can be tracked on the map. Every work done in the field is recorded with its details thanks to the service forms, and the arrival and departure times to the customer are reported.


FieldBest allows you to perform visit and task management in the most efficient way. It supports the best management of the service process by allowing you to keep a record of all activities during the visit. It helps you quickly create your field team’s visit plans and compare these plans with completed activities. It enables your field team to instantly assign tasks for your long or short-term field operation goals, independent of routine field visits, thus allowing you to effectively monitor your workflow. FieldBest sales tracking program saves you and your team time by automatically planning the field team and assigning tasks according to time, talent, location, and your own business processes.


FieldBest optionally offers the feature to plan the right employee, the right customer, with the right inventory, with a direct manager decision or artificial intelligence-based suggestions offered in the system. In this way, the customer’s demands are fulfilled at the first visit. Repetitive customer visits are avoided, thereby increasing employee productivity and customer satisfaction.

While planning field workers, calendar intensity can be seen at a glance and workload can be managed with visually supported calendar displays.

With the route planning program FieldBest, certain regions and abilities can be defined for employees, and employees can be divided into teams. Thus, when a service request comes from the customer, the employee who is in the customer’s region and has the skills to solve the customer’s problem can be directed to the customer. By dividing the field workers into teams, admins can be defined to these teams, thus allowing the teams to make their own plans and manage their own work intensity.


FieldBest allows customers to pay quickly during service visits. In this way, the obligation to wait for collection is eliminated, and the balance is closed as soon as the work is completed. Collection can be made by cash, check, physical POS, or by credit card via virtual POS.

FieldBest offers a ready-made virtual POS infrastructure. It can also be customized to use the business’s own virtual POS, depending on business needs. FieldBest users start to receive direct collections in a short time with the online collection system.


FieldBest enables the required form to be filled during customer service visits. It offers the opportunity to design service forms for business demands and needs, without the need for any technical knowledge. Optionally, the service form can also be designed as a printout and a copy can be presented to the customer during the visit.

With FieldBest, which offers the possibility to define as many different service forms as you want, it is possible to design different forms for different service types. In addition, on the system, it is possible to specify which form can be used in which customer groups, which can be filled by users of which skill or team, and which service types must be filled.

FieldBest allows the desired reporting to be made through the forms specially designed for the user. Thus, all data collected in the field can be interpreted quickly.

With this feature of FieldBest, forms other than service forms can also be defined to the system. For example, your customer satisfaction can be measured by defining surveys. These surveys can be made directly in the field by the service personnel and recorded with the signature of the customer, or they can be created by the call centers by making a customer call.


FieldBest offers the ability to instantly track the location of all field workers or see the route they follow during working hours. In addition, thanks to the personnel location tracking system, it allows you to view the route and visits of the field workers during the day on a single map and to analyze the efficiency of the route they follow.

For each customer visit, the location of the customer and the location of the visit can be compared, and it can be followed whether the visit data entries of the employees are made instantly and at the relevant location. In addition, customer visits can be required to be made near real customer locations, otherwise, visit entry can be blocked.


FieldBest offers advanced reporting and dashboard features. It allows reporting of each visit to the site, completed service form, collections in a grouped and detailed manner. It also enables the creation of user-specific reports by obtaining all the data optionally with system integration or data export features.


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