Loan Origination

Loan Origination System is specifically developed for banks and financial institutions. It covers any loan application process, especially mortgages, vehicle and personal loans. Loan Origination System has the ability to track and manage the whole loan progress, starting in the moment a salesperson gets in touch with a customer for the first time, until the loan is disbursed. Loan Origination System is developed with flexibility and security in mind, and is able to respond to changing market conditions straight off.

Decision Engine

With Decision Engine & Automated Scoring, you can put aside all your manual processes in your decisioning workflow and benefit from a fully automated decisioning and scoring process, thus increasing productivity and responding your customers within minutes of their application. You can develop your policy rules and score cards on a flexible, secure and user-friendly platform and adapt to live market conditions straight off.

Credit Risk Management

Complex regulations have overwhelmed banks in recent years. Implementing compliant solutions within tight deadlines has often compromised risk visibility. Evatro provides you to eliminate the need for compromise: helping you see risk, by bringing up-to-date risk figures, analysis and optimization tools to key decision makers. Credit, market and liquidity risk can be analyzed from one place, and regulatory capital, liquidity coverage ratios and stress tests can be managed to alleviate regulatory pressures. Banks can build their risk intelligence across the trading and banking books incrementally, using component-based tools that augment existing systems with innovative technology.

Credit Servicing

Evatro’s extremely comprehensive After Sales Financial Service solutions are dedicated for banks and financial institutions providing mortgages, vehicle and personal loans. You will easily manage all after sales loan processes such as disbursement, repayment, balloon payments, restructuring, early closure and collateral management by using it. Loans will be kept in a flexible and safe environment within its strong infrastructure; your risks will be managed and minimized smoothly.