Evatro’s Mobile Banking application is dedicated to carry out all banking operations starting from becoming a customer with its wide range of modules such as Financial Calculation Tool, Application Manager and Online Banking. Evatro’s Mobile Banking application is used by some major banks and financial institutions, has millions of users and can handle over a thousand transactions per minute.


Evatro has mobile and backend loyalty solutions which enables businesses to easily build digital loyalty schemes enabling them to connect and reward their customers in a personal and efficient way in different sales points which are centralized on the same digital platform. Customers will be able to earn and redeem points using their mobile app at the point of purchase. Customers can also view business’ information, location and promotions on the mobile app. The mobile app is supported with a powerful back end engine so that the success of various campaigns can be analyzed, the rate of the customer redemptions can be viewed, customer behavior can be studied and the type of the promotions which can improve the business is identified.


Evatro practices on using the latest technology to keep its clients one step ahead of their competitors. Therefore, we offer you a wide range of mobile payment options including NFC and new iBeacon technologies. Our Omni channel customer experience guaranteed m-Commerce platform provides speed, reliability and flexibility. Also it is integratible with your current infrastructure, flexible for different environments and developed considering the security as top priority. Moreover it gives you the capability to inform your customers about your products, set location-based or action-trigerred offers, make suggestions based on their past orders and provide them discounts and campaigns and the opportunity to buy with a few touch.


Evatro believes that the route for success requires comprehensive analytic works behind. We know it is hard to manage and relate institutional data to make accurate inferences without the help of a comprehensive application that a growing small/medium sized enterprise can’t afford. You can have the same opportunity now with Evatro’s dedicated Reporting and Dashboard product, FieldPie without spending a fortune. It gives you the ability to monitor your productivity, profit rates, real-time performance and it provides you to manage your risks with on-demand and subscription-based report and dashboard options. It is fully adaptive to both market-standard products such as Microsoft Reporting Services and our own dedicated Reporting Platform that stands out with its rich visually and high performance.

Native Development

Native apps provide the best usability, the best features, and the best overall mobile experience. There are some things you only get with native apps:

  • Multi touch – double taps, pinch-spread, and other compound UI gestures
  • Built-in components – The camera, address book, geolocation, and other features native to the device can be seamlessly integrated into mobile apps. Another important built-in components is encrypted storage, but more about that later.
  • Ease of use – The native platform is what people are accustomed to, and so when you add that familiarity with all of the native features they expect, you have an app that’s just plain easier to use.
  • Fast graphics API – the native platform gives you the fastest graphics, which may not be a big deal if you’re showing a static screen with only a few elements, or a very big deal if you’re using a lot of data and require a fast refresh.
  • Fluid animation – related to the fast graphics API is the ability to have fluid animation. This is especially important in gaming, highly interactive reporting, or intensely computational algorithms for transforming photos and sounds.

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