Take your place in the forefront of the new age with Digital Transformation

Improve the challenges, complex and routine tasks in your business. Benefit from the most accurate technology solutions with Digital Transformation. Increase your work efficiency, sales, customer satisfaction, reduce your costs.

Production Automation

Evatro production automation provides the management of all operations for production management in all production enterprises with digital tools. It provides end-to-end digital management in all processes from the production planning stage to the shipment stage, as well as the smart production system that accelerates the production system, production automation that increases efficiency, reduces losses, and reduces costs. Evatro production automation offers increased productivity and improved processes with the continuous feedback it provides.

Production Optimization

Instantly monitor and optimize your production. Increase production and efficiency and reduce your costs without investing in machinery.

Productivity Increase

Analyze the source of your losses with real-time and automatic data collection. Eliminate disruptions and speed losses, increase your productivity.

Industry 4.0 Compatible

Establish a common infrastructure for your production automation projects. Let all elements of the system work integrated with Evatro Production Automation.

Process Monitoring

Monitor your data in real-time, take immediate action, and minimize losses with fast response.

Target Management

In the production process, realize the target and operation management. Work result-oriented and increase productivity with a completely measurable and manageable system.


Control and report all your production-related actions through the system.

Digitize Your Factory

Evatro offers the digitization service that started with Industry 4.0 and the digital transformation process in production; the production management system with its technological, infrastructure and functionally modernized.

With MES/MOM systems, it provides instantaneous data collection from the field in production, instant monitoring of the production process, minimizing the human factor, and increasing accuracy by collecting data in the digital environment, detecting disruptions and interruptions in production, and taking quick action by creating warnings against potential problems. Thus, by creating a traceable production facility, it ensures that areas open to development are determined and productivity in the field is increased effectively.

Sales Automation

Providing a software platform that automates most of their sales activities, Evatro Sales Automation offers technology that enables sales departments to generate, maximize, implement and automate revenue and efficiency.

Marketing Automation

Evatro Marketing Automation allows you to easily create and manage comprehensive campaign flows with multiple scenario alternatives. With its easy-to-use interface, it allows you to create and manage all your campaigns on different channels from a single panel. Thanks to marketing automation, it is possible to see how potential customers interact from a 360-degree angle. It helps marketers accelerate their production, segmentation, lead scoring, customer lifecycle marketing, marketing ROI metrics.

Evatro Marketing Automation service; It automates the marketing process in a digital environment from manual to modern software, maximizing efficiency and increasing your profits.

Digital Transformation Roadmap

Evatro offers you the opportunity to design the future with the digital transformation roadmap created specifically for the business and the organization in the digital transformation processes of businesses. With Evatro, which offers an expert team, an organizational structure that adopts digital business, and a culture that focuses on the customer to successfully realize the digital transformation, it is also easier to provide the flexibility necessary to gain competitive advantage and to take new measures against workforce loss. With this digital transformation, a significant increase in efficiency, quality, and speed is achieved.

Enterprise Mobility

With Evatro Enterprise Mobility Services, it is ensured that all mobile devices are managed end-to-end from a single center for requests and corporate policies. Productivity and security are enhanced with mobile device management (MDM), mobile application management (MAM), mobile content management (MCM), secure gateway, and enterprise-grade mobile applications in one comprehensive platform. It gives visibility to all supported smartphones, tablets, laptops, and all other mobile devices. In addition, it maximizes security by allowing not only the organization’s but also the users’ own devices to be managed.



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