Professional Services

Evatro, with its System Analysis, Software Development, Test Automation, Project Management, DevOps and IT Strategy Consultancy services, provides you with the most suitable solutions for your business and provides you with excellent results in digital processes.

System Analysis

1. What are the requirements that the system you want to develop should meet in areassuch as design, security, performance, ease of use, accessibility, SEO, etc.?
2. What features do you and your users want the software to have?
3. What are the authorizations and roles of system users?

These questions should be clarified with a detailed analysis process before the software development process and documented in a way that both software engineers and users can understand. As Evatro expert team, we analyze systems with our extensive software development and analysis experience and prepare documents such as necessary RFP, specification, project plan in detail.

In this analysis process, we detail;

  • determining user needs,
  • business requirements,
  • modeling all workflows according to these needs and requirements,
  • division of the project into various development phases,
  • determination of design details,

Ensuring safety and performance requirements.

And we prepare a project plan, Technical and system specification, SOW, RFP, etc documents.

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Software Development

As Evatro, we carry out R&D activities related to software and technologies both in Turkey and in our San Francisco/Silicon Valley office, and we follow global trends closely.

While serving our customers in the fields of technology, digitalization, and software development, we produce solutions that make a difference with our team with deep industry knowledge.

We develop technologies that attract attention both in Turkey and in the international market.


  • Artificial intelligence,
  • internet of things,
  • big data analytics,
  • CRM systems (Opportunity management, campaign management, customer loyalty applications)
  • security technologies
  • mobile apps
  • production automation

into turn-key commissioning.

Afterward, we start the surveillance process and manage the maintenance, operation, and update processes depending on the needs of our customers.

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Test Automation

Evatro provides technology consultancy services that ensure the smooth commissioning of software projects by making use of the best methodologies in testing services. In software development projects, it provides high-quality project test management through different levels and types of tests such as functional, integration, system, user acceptance, automation, performance, and usability designed according to the characteristics of each project. Test projects are performed on-site or remotely, depending on project requirements and time planning.

In short, Software Test Automation is the activity of running software test designs in line with pre-prepared scripts and reporting the results. Thus, the efficiency of repetitive and manual tests that create an operational load is increased.

With software test automation tools, we ensure that repetitive testing activities are carried out, increasing efficiency, effectiveness, and quality, as well as reducing operational blindness and reducing personal dependency.

As Evatro, we can work with any of the leading systems and infrastructure providers for test automation. We can work on all-ready-made systems preferred by our customers, and recommend the “right” approach when necessary, regardless of commercial or open-source.

Project Management

Evatro, which performs all stages of your project management processes with its experienced team of experts, provides end-to-end professional service in all processes of the project, especially Project Initiation, Analysis and Design, Development, Testing, System Installation & Dissemination, and Project Closing.

It also details the processes after the project is put into use and transparently includes keeping the system up-to-date and operational for many years in the project plans.


Evatro develops industrialized software solutions for organizations of all sizes and implements operations management using DevOps tools and applications. With this solution, it provides its customers with ready-to-use infrastructure as code for provisioning, user management and access control, monitoring, storage, database, and networking.

IT Strategy Consulting

As Evatro, we work with you at every stage to develop a roadmap and action plan that meets business needs with the right IT strategy and to develop these actions as your business partner.

We contribute to the success of our customers at every scale, with our comprehensive approach from business process improvement to technology consultancy, from software development to maintenance services, and our vast experience in digital transformation. We offer you the most accurate solutions with the most up-to-date technologies by utilizing our office in San Francisco Silicon Valley, our high-tech international business partners, and our extensive network of expertise and resources.



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